Obertauern apartment home
  Welcome to Austria's highest and best ski resort    

When we visit Obertauern, it’s never under quite the same circumstances. Sometimes it’s with our daughter, other times with the whole extended family. On occasion it’s a group of 16 friends… and if we are really lucky, it’s just us!

The town has lots of happy memories for us – we went on our first holiday ‘date’ there, and spent two days skiing there before we got married in Salzburg. Our daughter is learning to ski there, and is practicing her German (not bad for a three year old) on the people we meet. It finally dawned on us that, given the number of times we visit, and how much we love the place, it would make more sense to find an apartment that we could use, and rent when we weren’t there.

We chose an apartment that would be flexible around the accommodation offered, be big enough to host people, but still be snug and welcoming, with a high quality finish that we are proud to say is one of its best features.

The Steinadler is an apartment complex that is owned by a number of families, all of whom have a say in how it is run and all of whom work hard to ensure it is a high quality establishment. When we have lots of friends over, we are always confident that the apartments they rent in the complex will be up to the same standard as ours.

We’ve been to other places where it’s a long walk (or worse, a bus ride) to get to the slopes and back. It was important for us that we could clip our skis on and go, and then unclip and step into the complex. The two main resort lifts that service both sides of the valley are within 50m of the front door. From these, you’ve got access to the whole valley.

Obertauern is a great, fun, chilled place to visit. It’s not too big, and the general atmosphere is a family and friends one – the bars are busy but always welcoming, and children are a regular feature. The mountain is littered with ‘huts’ – the cabins that provide a well-deserved gluwein or hot chocolate with rum, and plenty of stops that will also dish up food quickly and cheaply.

It’s also easy to get to – an hour from Salzburg (2.5 hours from Munich), the roads are clear, well kept and easy – it’s only the last three miles up the mountain that will remind you that you’re on your way to one of Austria’s highest resorts.

You can read more on our skiing page… but we can promise you won’t be disappointed – whether you’ve yet to try it for the first time, or you are wanting a challenge that will make your legs turn to jelly!